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He meant the latter of the mags and batteries. A few good batteries will last you a lifetime. With that you should also buy a good charger it's like putting bronze fuel in a car meant for gold fuel. A smart charger will go a long way and should eventually pay for itself by not ruining your batteries.

All together you're probably looking at spending around $600-700 if you can find the right deals and are willing to wait. I got all my gear for about $650 (things such as boots, gloves and things that normal people should have are excluded).

If you want some tacticool army boots or something rather than using your current pair of hiking boots be my guest but that just adds on extra to your setup.

I'll give you a quote of what I've spent, I've listed it in some other thread but I'm too lazy to search back through all my posts so here's an estimate:

Gun (M4, also came with a Red Dot Scope and battery): $450
Mags (5x real-cap): $30
BDU's (Sourced from local surplus store): ~$50
Vest (clone found from classifieds): $90
Rifle Case (cheap "Flambeau" branded case from Canadian Tire): $20

So all in all you can see that everything that I have totaled up to about $650 excluding boots, shooting glasses, gloves, and other such stuff that can be found around your house.
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