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Originally Posted by D_WINTERS14 View Post
I would know because i'm going for my firearms license and YES anything under PROHIBITED NEEDS A LICENSE. That's why they are PROHIBITED (Which by the way is the hardest license to get). To sell that's a whole other story, just like with the regular guns, if they were prohibited we would not be allowed to have them, but they are not, correct? You guys go ahead and break the law because that's what you're doing.
[sarcasm]Yes, we are a forum housing several thousand law-breaking citizens. We've also registered all of our airsoft guns with the Canadian Firearms Registry, and we all carry licenses for owning prohibited firearms.[/sarcasm]

For a forum that's almost a decade old, I wonder why the law hasn't shut us down or swept the entire database to arrest every one of us if what we're doing is as illegal as you say?

Maybe... because your information is wrong? Stop making yourself look less informed than you already have, sit back, read a bit more and start listening to some of the things that other people have to say.

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