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You're really dumb. Maybe you're the one who needs to learn how to read.

Replica firearms are prohibited to be sold or transferred sure, but it's not illegal to own them. Replica firearms are not to be sold, but they're legal to own and you don't need a license.
Here you are, a brand new person to our forums, most likely underage, and you're lecturing US on laws? Sit back, Keep your mouth shut, and read please.
I would know because i'm going for my firearms license and YES anything under PROHIBITED NEEDS A LICENSE. That's why they are PROHIBITED (Which by the way is the hardest license to get). To sell that's a whole other story, just like with the regular guns, if they were prohibited we would not be allowed to have them, but they are not, correct? You guys go ahead and break the law because that's what you're doing.
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