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I met with Goldidig and his son this evening, and the three of us had a good little talk.

I'm pretty sure he's a responsible adult, seeing as he managed to make the 12(3) cut-off for firearms ownership (if you know what that is, I'd honestly be quite surprised) and we talked about me being one of the youngest 12(5) owners in Canada...that said, I've had that classification since, like, I've owned firearms for longer than some folks reading this have probably been alive.

It's the rules of the site though, so if there's no way to get someone from the atlantic provinces involved in verification, then this website will become useless to maritimers.

If the website is useless, then people will find other sources, and resources.


If you don't want the maritimers involved, leave things as they are.

If you do, well, figure something out folks. There are (believe it or not) responsible people out there in this world that can actually verify someone's age for you.

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