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Well I have to agree that there are no AV'ers in NS. and it would be great to get one, two, even three, because as was previously stated driving to NB to meet an age verifier is not always an option for people and for an AV'er to travel to NS is probably not practical either.

I think the major problem is as per the rules on becoming an age verifier you need to be known and active in the local community which isnt a problem for quite a few people, but you also have to have been an active member on ASC for a minimum of 2 years. And even though I definately agree with this policy in most situations as i can understand that you wouldnt want someone to abuse the power given to them. But in this situation where we have some people who are known by a member of staff here "Bean" is it possible to make an exception to this rule? Thats the main question we need to be asking i think.
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