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Yes and no.

Do you go to a milsim with a neon green jersey? I'd hope not.

Do you go to speedball games with full tac gear and 3 day pack? I'd also hope not.

Really it depends on the type of game you're playing more than anything else. But there usually is a minimum amount of gear needed. Eg For all games you'll need water (canteen, nalgene bottle, or camelbak), and at a minimum a pair of cheap OD combats which can be found at a surplus store for $40 for a set, and some sort of ammunition carrier (a dropleg panel with a few magazine pouches will do for smaller 30 minute games).

It's probably better to start with speedball type games or small half hour to hour long skirmishes just because with new players milsims may be boring for them.

Glasses/goggles really depends on the field. At most paintball fields you require paintball approved goggles at a minimum (no you cannot use military grade ballistic goggles, if you hurt your ankle the owner is still liable that you weren't wearing the proper safety goggles, insurance companies will try to weasel their way out of paying no matter what even if wearing ballistics is totally unrelated to hurting your ankle), most paintball fields will require you to wear a full face mask. However if you are lucky enough to go to some of the private fields you can usually get away with sealed ballistics or sometimes ballistic glasses.

Think about what you want and slowly start to acquire your gear first that way when the time comes all you need is a gun and you can rock and roll. Also since you're underage you can think about getting rentals, but make sure you can actually play first ask the field owner then go to your local forums and ask around for players who have a backup gun for rental. Fields usually won't have stuff for rental and it's usually the players themselves who are renting or loaning out backup guns.
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