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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Welcome to ASC,

This is the charger I have been using the past two seasons;

No complaints, very reliable and is simple to operate.

Thanks for respecting the age verification process, once you have access to the classifieds you will be able to see the vast availability wrt gear and AEGs.

You seem to have alot of questions, perhaps try hitting up a local game that is taking place soon? Check out the Ontario games section. Players love to show off their guns/gear and don't mind answering questions; you will learn more in a hour of "face time" than in a month of surfing the forums.

No problem I understand why you guys need to do it. To keep them minors away! Lol. And ill be looking to hit up a few games in the future to play, I can't wait! O and can i pick that charger up at at mostly any hobbie shop? i got a RC race car store near my place maybe id have luck there?

Thanks for the Advice!


Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Cansoft G&G are decent although many don't like the clear bodies. Inside though they are still a "name brand" airsoft gun like the metal bodies G&G's.

But if you want something full black, look for a decent TM (Tokyo Marui) in the Classifieds within your price range.
Yes TM is amazing! and I want an all metal gun. too bad that 007 cant sell them to civilians anymore

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