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Originally Posted by ian209 View Post
The one thing I find really annoying about Canada Post is that they don't update the tracking number at all. It just tells you that the package has been received by the post office, and does not update until it gets delivered. They might as well not give you a tracking number :/
They actually do update it if it's expedited. regular mail, they won't. But even then, they update morning and night only. =.=

Anyway, my complaint is no one has control over the length stuff is in customs, and they don't even know if it's lost or where it is until it gets scanned somewhere. So stupid!!! Canadapost just holds it in a warehouse and lets it sit there and they get to it on their own leisurely schedule. (this is straight from a very disgruntled Can Post worker who was more than willing to share the inner workings of Can Post) And if the seller wants to open an investigation, it takes 3 weeks!! LIKE WAT THE HECK MAN!!

Also another thing, I've had a package (2 in fact) go out 3 times for delivery (the last time it finally arrived otherwise for some stupid reason it goes RTS). I called nearly 10 times over the days that it was supposed to arrive, and i kept getting told it was MY fault b/c the wrong address was written on the package and they couldn't do anything or figure out what was going on more than what was on the page I saw (I know it is noted, but if im calling, why the hell would i want to call about what I already know!!). (package arrived with the correct address on it in the most perfect handwriting i've ever seen, almost as if a computer printed out the letters). I finally reached someone who actually was helpful, and was like, "OH! Well, i'll write up a report w/ what is happening right now", and got all my information. She then mumbled something as she was checking boxes, and said "first time caller...." and i piped up and noted it was now the 8th time. She was more than surprised. (wow!! I wish they were all helpful, most just talk to me like it's my fault!! and i talk to them in almost a chi like manner, no joke, i have to meditate before talking to these dickwads) and then my package finally arrived. They don't even have a way of contacting their drivers to let them know the situation until it can go out the next day. They seem to want to hold my package until it's the day it was quoted to arrive =.= I really don't understand why the hell they can't deliver a godd*** package when it's out on the truck already. Wouldn't that make sense?? or is this some weird mentality I have yet to run in to? And while they weren't delivering the packages, I couldn't use some of the gear (It was a friggin vest from in country!!) at that weekend's wargame.

I've lived/visited many countries across the world (nearly 35 in total), and this system is one of the worst postal systems i've EVER seen (i have seen worse, but this is nearly at the top of the "worst possible postal system" list). These noted events are not random or few and far between events, they are not isolated events at ALL! I have had an issue with a lot of my packages I get from w/in country (and that is A LOT of packages). This is the western world!! I would expect a lot more from them (Not that USPS is any better). I f***ing hate this postal service, they need to retrain EVERYONE or some other system needs to be put in place that is 100x more reliable and shut Can Post down.
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