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Originally Posted by Kit View Post
I would only like to pay once for a working gun lol for 450 bucks you could get a pretty decent one with everything like a battery wall charger. On 007 Airsoft I was looking at the G&G GR16 Combo for 350 bucks.

First rule of fight club....

We don't like to discuss the sale of guns outside restricted areas. (might be a forum rule) Check the FAQ's you were referred to earlier, it might answer a lot of questions.(like whether thats a forum rule that I should know) (I know the amount of info is overwhelming though) Also check the noobie thread for answers from people who understand new and old gen. airsoft. I have never tried a clearsoft but I held one at least once and it felt nice and looked great, not metal nice but nice....I'm babbling..Don't talk about gun sales. I'm done. Oh no I'm not, The hobby side of the sport (taking apart, upgrading guns etc) Is not one I have ever been good at so if you don't have a "knack" for tampering with things, don't! Get someone to teach you at least once. ok done.
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