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Exclamation How to avoid brokerage fees on UPS packages.

So my buddy drives for UPS and I askied him why UPS fucks everyone with crazy brokerage fees and he told me how to avoid the fee, now granted its a little work but it may be worth it in some cases to avoid high charges. So here's what you do...

First of all he told me for Lachine, not sure if they have other centers like this.

You have to call the head broker at Lachine, he said you can go to UPS and get the number. So you call the number well ahead of the custom getting to them and ask to speak to the broker, tell him you want to clear the package yourself as is your right. He said you may have to say those exact words, cause of course UPS wants to charge you. Then you give the broker the tracking number. They will call you when the package arrives. You will personnaly have to go down to Lachine and clear the package. This involves some paperwork, showing ID declaring the package has nothing dangerous in it etc...

An thats it, you may have to pay tax on the items but you won't have to pay the rediculous brokerage fees.

Now obviously this is more usefull to the people in Quebec but I thought I share this with you. Maybe they have a west coast distribution center as we..
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