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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post
$175 duty fee on a CP package? Ow. It was through CP, right?
I can't see that... has to be UPS... that i could see

Anyways... i have an order from redwolf in MISSISSAUGA right now. I was really surprised that when it arrived at customs it was cleared in a few hours, i figured i was one of the lucky ones and they let my package through!!! so i should be expecting it soon.... But that's not the case.... Currently my tracking update says "Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing" i figured this meant that it was done being reviewed and should be coming through the mail now, it has show that status since Aug 02 (10 working days). So what is the tracking information saying? is it still in customs? is can-post reviewing the items now? did it fall behind something and is lost now? LOL i dunno what to think. I know people have been waiting months for their stuff and i will be patient, im just wondering if it cleared customs why is it not on it's way....
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