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Originally Posted by Warlock View Post
In short, Airsoft = Replica, Replica = Prohibited.
That's not quite accurate. Replicas are prohibited from being imported: CBSA will seize them. Replicas are not prohibited from ownership, so the RCMP isn't going to come knocking at my door for it. Furthermore, guns with a sufficient muzzle velocity become airguns rather than replicas, which is also fully legal.

You mention painting clear receivers: while the clear receivers currently get past CBSA for importation, once you paint them they also fall under replica (Just maybe lower quality, depending on your painting skills).

Transfer of black (including painted) receivers is also prohibited, but it seems the RCMP has chosen not to swoop down on everyone with ads in the ASC classifieds (you're dreaming if you think ASC isn't monitored) -- most likely because we aren't a source of any real headache [yet] and they actually have real crimes to dedicate their limited resources to.

As long as games aren't being held in some public place and no laws are being broken there's little likelyhood you'd see the RCMP or any other law enforcement agency come around.

Originally Posted by Daiviet View Post
By making them with clear recievers, other retailers buy them up because its now accepted, and those retailers outside of ASC don't care who they sell to. They can also be advertised publicly where minors can view them.

That way, by making them with clear recievers, it now becomes easier for minors to get their hands on them.

You want to prevent it? Don't make it clear. Plain and simple.

I have to agree that clear guns, and to a lesser extent the clear receiver halfbreeds, have allowed for an uncontrolled proliferation of airsoft guns. We just have to look at a lot of the noob posts now to see we have a massive increase in kids who already own a gun.

But at the same time, while they're similar in principal, the clear guns (what we use to refer to as "soft air") and realistic airsoft guns are substantially different both in how they're being used (player and style of play) and how they're being treated by law enforcement and other government agencies.

Most clear gun buyers are on a very limited budget and/or underaged and/or starting off and getting that as their first gun. The players will go out and skirmish for the day, but this isn't the segment of players that's going to invest big money for gear and a dozen locaps and other high end accessories and invest themselves playing in milsim games (except maybe for some of the "first gun" folks who didn't know better, but they'll quickly trade up once they find access to something better).

So really we have two parallel sports developing (wow, didn't I post about this about a year ago?), one of which is really closer to paintball, the other being populated by older and generally more serious players (milsim crowd, old timers, etc)

I have no doubt the folks from RCMP watching this are smart enough to also be making the same distinction. There's a very clear schism in this community with increasing confrontations (both in frequency and intensity) between both factions.

If anything, we almost do need two very separate forums to distinguish both both sides, the same as 5-10 years ago we would have never shared forum space with paintballers, I think the same is happening now with clearsoft.

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