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It is generally frounded upon to help non AV'd members in their decision to purchase a weapon.

but I will tell you this. No sniper rifle is worth buying if it is that cheap. You will have no edge over other players with AEGs, my G3 is more accurate and shoots further then a lot of good BA rifles.

On another note, if this rifle fires over 330 FPS you will not be allowed to game it in atlantic canada.

Originally Posted by Atlantic Airsoft - Rules
3.2 Weapon Velocity Limits
New Players
-new players will not be allowed to exceed 330fps for their first 10 official AAS games.
-this limit can be raised or lowered by admins to reward good players and punish dangerous players. Also at the end of the 10 games any upgrades are subject to approval by admin staff.
Head over to and get AVd then you will have access to the buy/sell srea of this forum where you can get much better rifles for only a little more then the $200 for that UTG.
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