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Prep'ing For Your 1st Game

Getting Ready For Your First Game:

So you've got:
- boots
- BDU's
- AEG + Battery + BBs
- Goggles what?

Since you've already gone to at least one local game waaaay back in Step 2 of the first already have a good idea of how the game goes, but since is your first time as an Ex-Newb you want to hit the ground running!

So here's a quick list of things to consider in prep for the big game day:
* Water - even if there's going to be a place to buy drinks at the field (and there aren't for quite a few fields)'ll want to carry at least some water on you and keep hydrated throughout. Remember...drink before you're thirsty.
* Food - same goes for food/snaks. A burnt burger or questionable hotdog might not be the best thing to choke down when you're running around. Good snacks are a godsend and are easy to eat when there's a lull in the action (i.e. power/granola bars, oranges/bananas, candy bar, jerky, and other stuff that's good for you )
* Allergy pills - a lot of outdoor games the outdoors. If you suffer from allergies...consider taking an antihistime before the game starts (so it has time to kick in). Crawling through a field full of grass/weeds/flowers/scrub is pretty much guaranteed to turn you into a snotting mess. Take an hankerchief as well....
* Radio - a radio is really handy at a lot of games. BUT turn VOX (voice activated comms)'s really annoying. Get a headset for it...or turn it off until you need'll just broadcast where you and your teammates are.
* Directions/Rules/Maps/Timing/etc - print them off at least the night before and leave them on top of your gear bag (which you packed the night before right?!?). A lot of games start early and there's breakfast/packing/travel/taking-a-sh*t time to factor in. DON'T be late...BE early. Game hosts are usually running around doing a lot of them out by getting there early, signing in, chrony/whatever and being ready to go when the host says, "Let's go". Getting to a game an hour early gives you lots of time to get geared up and prep'd for the game. Don't be the a**hole everyone else is waiting for.

The Night Before:
- sh*t's all packed and ready to go
- batts are charged
- the directions/rules/details are printed
- fod/snacks are packed
- boots waiting at the front door.

Morning Of:
- fill water/hydration pack
- eat breakfast (a good one...not just a coffee)
- pack up and head out

On-site, before game starts:
- sign in, pay fee
- check in with host for any last minute details/changes
- gear up
- check start time with host
- chrony/function test weapons....then just clear them and put them down until the game starts
- chill out, kick back on your chair (you brought one right?) and watch all the retards run around trying to find a charger for their battery while you're waiting for the host to kick things off.
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