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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Besides, almost ALL stock bolt actions have sub-par performance without close to $1000 worth of upgrades (cuz Amos, stage left...) to get them to perform better than AEG. That and if you want a hot gun, most game hosts wont allow someone new to the sport to run a hot bolt action.
Sup, Bolt actions are very expensive to get the preforming well. You're looking at a minimum of $500 for high preforming upgrade internals (not counting the barrel, hop-up unit, ect ect ect.)

^--- Toy gun that's worth more than my Car.

Sniping is nothing like it is in video games... being a new sniper without the mentor ship of an experienced sniper... you'll get sick of it VERY fast... Your gun will shoot no better than any other AEG, and they'll be able to put out 20 shots when you can put out only 1.

Get an automatic-electric-gun (AEG), learn how to move and sneak around first... and eventually (after about 2 years of playing or so) pick up a bolt action and work on getting even sneakier (I played a couple games with only a rubber knife to work on silently approaching people... I ended up getting 3 kills this way )
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