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Originally Posted by Sepulcrum View Post
I've heard of at least one stock TM breaking down in a day, Brand new. but that doesn't mean they all break down fast. CA is more solid than TM IMO and I've never opened/worked on a G&P but from what i hear it's the best of the 3... though that's just what i hear...

Realsword Aks use a custom shorter gearbox.... so in other words they reinvented it. And same mechbox means part of the guns a clone at least.
As you know, my brand new TM M4 was nothing but problems. Motor burned in a day. I got a replacement (which is still in use 2 years later), and the gears snacked on themselves about a week later (under 1000 rounds). I replaced the gears, and the mechbox cracked less than 1000 rounds later. So yeah, even the almighty TM can make lemons.

As for the RS Type 56, there are a lot of little differences in the mechbox where standard parts won't fit.

The basic theme here that seems to get riddled with useless info is that ALL AEGs are based on TM design to some extent or another. While I wouldn't call a modern CA or G&P M4 a TM clone, other than the body and hopup, all externals and internals are readily interchangeable. So to say they're clones or to dismiss them as being completely different are both incorrect.
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