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Originally Posted by eg_sinz View Post
no offence to anyone here but it seems like some of the members here have a ego or something it seems. not the nicest board i been on. I dont care though.
In the time it took you to type that, you could have properly formatted your post. Twice.

Not ragging on you man, just say'in.

The thing you have to remember is that this is a forum full of adults. Not snotty little kids who don't give a shit about spelling, grammar, etc. Furthermore, properly formatting a post doesn't only look good on you, it's some common curtesy to the people trying to read it and help you. Personally, half the time I ignore posts by people if they're hard to read.

If one can't take the time to properly format a post, why should we take time trying to read it? This isn't some IRC chatroom. This is a public forum with expected etiquette.

All that aside, what everyone else has said pertaining to airsoft is good advice. From your questions you'd be best advised to try and head out to a game and check the equipment out in person. You'll learn more there than you ever will asking questions on a forum.

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