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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
And speaking internally, I've heard of both brands breaking down fast,
I've heard of at least one stock TM breaking down in a day, Brand new. but that doesn't mean they all break down fast. CA is more solid than TM IMO and I've never opened/worked on a G&P but from what i hear it's the best of the 3... though that's just what i hear...

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
... So your saying because the mechbox is the same, the gun's a clone?

So you're saying a realsword AK (uses a standard V3 with the only changes being an extended anti-reversal latch so you can trip it on the outside of the mechbox) is a clone of a Tokyo Marui AK?

Externals are 50% of the gun.
Realsword Aks use a custom shorter gearbox.... so in other words they reinvented it. And same mechbox means part of the guns a clone at least.

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