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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
If the mechbox makes half the gun a clone, does that mean the G3, MP5 and G&P M249's are all half-clones of a TM M4?
Well, given that TM doesn't even make a M249 and that the M249 is one of the non-TM design success stories, I think you need to think about what your actual point is.

Yes TM was the first to make the design, but how do you know CA engineers stole the TM blueprint and built a gun from those? How do you know CA didn't get REAL M4 blueprints to make their M4 a clone of a real M4?
CA got the idea to make an airsoft gun from TM, and got all the basic internal principles cloned from TM, but it's a very different AEG
Because it's a well known fact that CA started off by copying TM's design, down to the body tabs? It's not a secret, or even a strike against CA. It's just the way things were done in the business (and still is done).

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
JG M4's are a clone... everything was reverse engineered from the TM. The old type copy TM's design 100%... If it wasn't branded "Made In China" and you didn't pay attention to the build and material quality you wouldn't know it was a TM.
Using your own logic...

... So your saying because the mechbox is the same, the gun's a clone?

So you're saying a realsword AK (uses a standard V3 with the only changes being an extended anti-reversal latch so you can trip it on the outside of the mechbox) is a clone of a Tokyo Marui AK?

Externals are 50% of the gun.

TM guns barrel design = barrel wobble, CA and G&P = no wobble.

JG is no longer just a Chinese clone company, because they've demonstrated that they're no longer just cloning TM by making their own external changes.
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