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Originally Posted by safx View Post

Customs most likely (99.9%) will
classify your receiver as a prohib
item (if normal black). But if you
did have the item sent in pieces
then they won't take it all. If all
goes like I usually expect, you will
get a letter roughly in 2 weeks
from the time the parcel is held,
stating your receiver meets such
and such classification so you
can't have it, game over. But, you
can call the number provided with
the letter, to ask the officer to
kindly send you the remaining
items that don't fall under any
such classification. They should
agree if you act innocent and do
not demand anything.

You should not be charged with
anything. It was an honest mistake
right? And now all you want is
your remaining toy parts minus
the receiver.

Good luck, be patient, and polite.
thank you

i believe the gearbox may be outside of the frame
so i dont know what's going to happen
if what u have said is true, i can still build my 416
but not my usp
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