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Originally Posted by mopic View Post
1I picked up the blackhawk tac pants with built in Tourniquet
Why would you want a Tourniquet these days? Im pretty sure any doc, paramedic, lifesaver, police officer will tell you that in the new First Aid Standard Tourniquet cause more harm then good. Quickclot works alot better, besides the only thing quick clot can stop fast enough is like major arterial bleeding (talking about like Aorta, but you would've be dead anyways, and how are you gonna tourniquet that?)
Sorry for the rant, just have to, (Im not a doc, paramedic, or med student but I do hold all my Life Saver cert in current as well as the CPR/First Aid Lv C instructor)

Back to topic, so any body have problem with them yet? (Not shipping or non-automatic response after 3 days of payment is an example) Might decide to order from them as they are slightly cheaper than Optics Planet
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