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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Yeah, really.

I think people are beginning to think only Chinese clones are clones, when in fact the industry was built off the back of TM's design with incremental changes. Considering that the mechbox is the very heart of the airsoft gun and everything else is built around it, downplaying the copying of the mechbox and highlighting the other differences misses the point.
... So your saying because the mechbox is the same, the gun's a clone?

So you're saying a realsword AK (uses a standard V3 with the only changes being an extended anti-reversal latch so you can trip it on the outside of the mechbox) is a clone of a Tokyo Marui AK?

Externals are 50% of the gun.

TM guns barrel design = barrel wobble, CA and G&P = no wobble.

You need to modify a TM receiver to make it able to use an after market hop-up unit...


Not to mention the inside of the TM and CA and G&P mechboxes are unique to each company.. each of them have a different amount of metal in different places to reinforce it..
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