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Originally Posted by D_WINTERS14 View Post
A lot of the guns you're looking for can't be purchased in canada without a license because they are fully coloured and are considered "replica firearms" depending on how high quality you want to go depends on what site you go. Just do a google search to find some sites, and to answer your other question, it all depends on the manufacturer, internals, ammo and overall build of the gun. Search independent reviews for whatever one you're reffering to.
Will you please stop spreading bullshit information? Unless you know what your talking about, don't say anything.

Once you get Age Verified you will find that you can get whatever you want, as long as you have the patience and time. Be prepared to invest lots of both. Unless you are ok with the idea of spending thousands of dollars (which most if not all of us have reached the $1K mark rather quickly) then I suggest you look elsewhere for a hobby. See my signature for further information.

And for the sake of reiteration, dont order from overseas, it WILL be confiscated, you will be blacklisted by the CBSA and you will have to get used to the rubber glove treatment whenever you cross the border, and if the CBSA officer so wishes to do so, you can also be charged with smuggling a prohibited device. The only way you can get good proper airsoft in country is through our classifieds which you will only get access once you get Age Verified. If meeting up with someone for a few minutes over a coffee, a beer, a burger, or even just for a smoke, 5 mins is all it takes and more if you so choose to ask the AV'er questions and whatnot. If you think thats too much hassle and "hate" doing that, then been nice knowing ya, welcome to ASC.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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