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Originally Posted by anpu View Post
Hello everyone, my name's Dianne from Edmonton and I'm 22.

Any tips where I could get one around the area?
This is where you want to go for information about the Edmonton community.

If you're in Calgary, JOC does indoor games at a local Lazer Tag venue (LazerTrek) and there are outdoor games too.

If you're ever south of that then I'm sure the guys in Brooks/Med Hat/Lethbridge would love to have another person join.

As for JK-47: ..... Just no.... DO NOT discharge airsoft in your backyard (or any place within city limits for that matter except locations specifically zoned for such use). Not only is it a stupid idea it's actually ilegal in many cities. You will be hit with a by-law violation or fine, and possibly have your stuff confiscated.

It's better to ask a game host to watch a game or see if you can participate when you're 16 (worst that can happen is, No, and at least you get your foot in the door and introduce yourself and show that you're mature enough to wait till 18 if necessary).
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