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Location: Montreal won't get any criminal anything. can still get your stuff if you are nice and explain they are toys.

just wait and see if you receive the package.If you don't and get a letter instead, stating it has been retained, you can start negociating (kindly)
If they end up destroying the stuff, you might pay a fine but it's not even sure.

I just had a package stopped and opened, it was marked as 'athletism accessories' (lol) and got opened because it was an GBB-sized box, it took them 2 weeks to get it out of customs.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
and sent me a bunch of email updated about "accepted at post office, at sortation plant, etc...". Their tracking system sucks ass.
IMO the system is good but the employees just don't update it in time.
Also I had an amazon package disappear recently; I'm pretty sure they stole it.I hate amazon for sending theyr stuff in stupid boxes with Amazon written on them, seriously its retarded.

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