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Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
Perhaps before a thread is created with the intent of creating such a 'hosting manual', there is 2 questions to be asked (perhaps more)

1) Does a similar document exist or has such a work been attempted before and remained unfinished?

Sorry for the double post, but I found this:

It is discussed here:

It is interesting but not exactly the thing we have been looking at doing.

Also in a somewhat differant combat sport, a referance to a 'Book of Combat':

A brief excerpt from the introduction:
'It should always be remembered that these rules are intended to help us conduct our sport in chivalry and safety but they are just a starting place. We are conscious individuals who have chosen to play a sport that has very real risks. Bruises, pulled muscles and broken bones are all potential parts of our sport and no set of rules could protect us from all potential risks while leaving us with a fun game.

This is also one of very few places when you are rely on the honor system and we are all depending on your chivalry for this to work. Our guiding tenet of “the struck combatant calls the blow” can be easily abused but it is the basis of what makes this a game of chivalry. As fighting participants, we will each be faced with an opponent whose integrity we might question. We must take these incidents as an opportunity to demonstrate our own chivalry while working to make our sport better.

If you have questions about a blow, ask about it or let it slide as your conscience dictates but do not let suspicions breed your own dishonor. Do not take the fight off the field, when you leave the field the fight should be considered over and the result accepted as it stands.'
Sound familiar?

Much of the challenges we face today in our sport the SCA has already faced in theirs. And they have 40+ years to get it squared away. I am not saying that their solutions are neccessarily ours, but it would seem encouraging that a similar sport with similar challanges was able to deal with them. How we deal with ours (perceived 'Death of our Sport') is up to us.

Anyways its a couple examples of online documents that may inspire us to do something similar.

And as I just quoted myself, I have to go wash now :-)

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