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Originally Posted by ylasfar View Post
since the pm limit is 100, i delete all the pms when a transaction is complete, so i dont have the pms anymore...

i told him that a couple of screws dont hold, therefore the RIS won't hold unless u fix them with some hardware glue or other stuff and i told him to give me some time so i could give the RIS a good look to tell him how many screws exactly are problematic etc... but he told the he has gunsmith that would fix it and to just ship it.

no, it wasnt a retaliatory negative feedback, i just commented on his reaction...i sent him an RIS with know defects and he still complains about it..

so lets hope he still have the pms so we can have actual proofs to see who is mistaken and whos right...if not, its just a game of my word against his

thanks all for ur help,
1. It IS retaliatory negative feedback. He left you bad feedback so you left some in return. Did he short change you? No. Did he take too long to pay? No. Did he try to scam you saying the item never arrived? No. Thus you have NO reason to leave him negative feedback! You left him negative feedback for what... wanting a refund on a defective and badly described item?

2. Why would you sell and item if you didn't know EXACTLY what shape it's in? Are you going to sell someone a car that you've never driven in 10 years and yet tell them that the car runs and drives fine 10 years ago but the doors don't close properly and have the new owner find out there is only first gear left when they try to drive it after paying you?

3. From the PM's Kis posted you NEVER stated the item was UNUSABLE!

one thing i have to warn you about though, some screws dont hold anymore, they lost some of the grip, so u'll have to use some hardware stuff or glue to keep them tight. Let me know if that changes anything for you.

Hmm. Which screws are we talking about here? Are they important?

they`re some screws that are loose, like u screw over n over again but it doesnt get tighter kinda screws.....
You NEVER replied saying exactly which screws and whether they are IMPORTANT! If the screws that are screwed up at the ones that hold the thing onto the barrel are screwed up I'd say those are IMPORTANT because that makes the item UNUSABLE!

4. I don't read in ANY of those PM's about you asking for more time to double check anything. The only thing I see is you saying that you'd look at it more closely after work. BUT, refer to #2 about that....
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