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Originally Posted by ylasfar View Post
The thing that really pisses me off, is i really warned him about the bad state of the RIS, about the screws etc...and he told me that he would figure it out with his gunsmith and to ship it anyway. but now he changed his mind and wants a refund...

i am really curious to see the pms ,if he has them, to have everyone judge by themselves, instead of pointing fingers without proofs.

let see the pms and let the community judge for themselves...

and i am ready to accept the verdict, if the majority thinks that I was wrong, i will give him his 140 $ when i receive the package back.

sounds fair ?
Ok so first off, did you actually tell Kos that the item was UNUSABLE in those words or did you just state that one of the screws were unusable?

Also why don't you post your PM's over the incident for us all to compare to?

Also Kos, I notice that you received a RETALIATORY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK over this. Talk to an admin about getting that removed as it's against the rules.
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