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Originally Posted by ylasfar View Post
AS most of the items sold on these forums, it is sold AS IS, even if not clearly stated. He knew it was a used item and i warned him about it.
I didn't really get involved since Kos is an ass (no offence) but this comment is really sticking in my craw!

Actually I think the opposite is true, 90% of the things sold on here don't state "sold as is" and would gladly give a refund for a useless or damaged product. Even if it states AS IS you MUST explain the item and any defects in full clarity. If you hide something or don't disclose everything wrong with the item (not to mention you never stated it was sold AS IS) then that creates a very serious problem.

Hell why sell an item that can't even be used? Why not state in the ad "CANNOT BE ATTACHED DUE TO DAMAGED SCREWS"?

It is up to YOU to verify the item is EXACTLY as described in the ad whether you've handled it lately or not.

Kos if you still have copies of PM's concerning this deal post them up so people can clearly see how the deal went down.
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