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Originally Posted by rustysniper View Post
FYI...duty assessment has nothing to do with the is Canada Customs. If they chose to inspect your package and the Customs officer thinks it should be classified under a certain tariff.....then you get customs charges.

Don't slam Evike about a Canadian Border Service issue.
I have refuted charges and gotten duty back. You just have to do your research. All the info is on the CBSA website......

I agree this is true. Odd thing is, it happens a lot to Evike shipments. Yet I've never had it happen to a eHobby, EB, RW, WGC or UNC shipment, or stuff from other non-airsoft stores/retailers (I've been charged taxes and stuff, but never the outlandish fees seen when ordering from Evike). The closest BS fee I got hit with was importing Marpat from the US (eBay) and got charged some duty fee on "women's clothing"
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