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Hmm...less an issue of 'mentality' and more an issue of economic realities.

For many of us the option to drop 600 on a gun, in a new sport is simply impossible.

However...dropping 200, then spending 400 more over the course of then next few months IS doable...and enjoyable! You learn a lot, and like customizing a race car, you are in control.
Anyway, point is now, if you buy a clearsoft gun you're going to end up having to upgrade even more than a TM gun.
My friend John has just upgraded the shims and bushings on his Kraken, and is competing just fine. No reason to upgrade further as of yet. Its shooting 1 joule, and is reliable. But I take your point.

While I agree that the BEST method is to lay out the cash for the best gun...while getting a clearsoft Kraken can be argued as a poorer choice financially in the long run. But like children, its sorta silly to make decisions purely on what you may end up spending in total. For now John I and my wife are playing, and thus can justify spending more in a sport we enjoy together.
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