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Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
but could not justify in one purchase.

....never would have been able to justify the initial cost.
This is the kind of mentality presented to me when I was first getting into the hobby 5 years ago. The common recommendation was "buy a TM for it's upgradability!" I was puzzeled. Why is more upgradability a good thing? The thing with clearsoft, and TM for me, is that you have to upgrade almost everything to turn it into a respectable gun. Of all the people who bought TM guns I read about and saw, most just ended up replacing and upgrading everthing. Which essentially leaves you with a few original bits a pieces from the TM factory now worth a couple hundred bucks. Where as I would just buy a CA gun (which I have had many of, older models too) and not really have to do much to it and thus not push the 'upgrade' cost to over a 1000 bucks; everything just came with it.

Anyway, point is now, if you buy a clearsoft gun you're going to end up having to upgrade even more than a TM gun. A plastic TM reciever is at least do-able. A clearsoft one, not really. I mean if you're going to play with a clear reciever, like I said, why not just do paintball then.

Airsoft is an 'initial' cost hobby. I don't see why people want to jump the gun on that and try to cheap out. Even if it means buying a clearsoft gun that is a couple hundred cheaper at first.... Think long term. Think about the airsoft bug. It's going to get you. That initial cost is going to bloom far beyond buying a stand-up gun out of the box once you get tempted to upgrade and replace everything. Then you're left with a couple bolts, screws, pins and wires here and there which are all that's left of your 'initial' couple hundred dollars cheaper purchase.

I think some degree of standards should encouraged. Instead of splurging on "a gun that sends BB's downrange" right away to get into the hobby, why not wait and save a bit and go at it prepaired and with a good investment?
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