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Originally Posted by chaosnemesis View Post
mah refers to miliamphour and is the capacity of the battery and not directly current. current is voltage divided by resistance.

The problem is your 1600 mah battery probably has a couple of bad cells or something and is outputing a low voltage and thus current would also be low(not enugh to pull spring). nickel anythings (cadmium, metal hydride, copper\zinc etc.) ability to output stated voltage diminishes quickely(aa or aaa only output 1.2v) unlike alkaline or lithium batteries. older ni** batteries will be even worse.
Lol just about to type this before I saw your post. High mah has nothing really to do with current other than that it will allow the optimal voltage and therefore current to maintain itself longer. So the most likely problem is one of your batteries has a dead cell creating extra resistance. Mah is a measure of a batteries chemical potential energy at a given voltage. This is usually created by immersing Zinc and Copper I believe, into an acidic solution. (this is going off of wet cell batteries Iím not sure about dry cell)

The voltage is based off of the ph level of the acid or the number of Zinc and Copper plates/electrodes. The amount of said acid gives its potential to create that voltage for a given time or its total life cycle. Would go into how the acids actually creates electrons / current but Iíll quit boring you guys lol.
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