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While I'm sure most try to help when it comes to this sort of thing I think when trying to quote a law or regulation you should do so with the reference for the actual law in question. For example By-laws for the City of Winnipeg to list a by -law 2890/81 which states it should be known as the Firearms By-law. It does say that you can not fire any firearm or other gun without the permission of the Chief of Police. You can take this two ways. 1. Airsoft guns are not firearms as stated in the firearms act in they fire under 500 FPS. One could say well they say any other kind of gun but I don't think that would apply as long as there are screw guns, glue guns or cap guns. 2. You could send a letter and tell the Chief that you are setting up a range in your backyard suitable for airsoft complete with a BB trap and list your range safety rules and blah blah. You would probably either get ignored or a short letter that says go for it. But that's here in Winnipeg. It may or may not be that way where you live. The point here is that a person from Winnipeg could say to you that there is a by-law here that says you can't fire any gun in your backyard and they'd be right but it would not apply to what you want to do. But then keep in mind that anyone can call up and complain about anything you do, its just a matter of weather anyone will care about what they claim. In the current climate of anyone downtown might be armed, that realistic looking AR in your backyard would warrent further investigation if reported but still might be legal.
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