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Where can i buy a DPMS M16A1 in Canada?

I want to buy an AK-47 but i can find a good retailer at a reasonable price, so i was thinking the DPMS M16A1 or another M16A1 for the price of $250 i want a battery, charger, 350FPS or more, NOT MINI, Black in color, Canadian retailer, $275 would be great can compromise. DON'T TELL ME TO GET AGE VERIFIED I CAN'T HERE'S WHY: Getting Verified isn't going to happen anytime soon the only age verifier i know of is at Ron's army navy it's a while drive from my home and even farther from my work and it closes at 5:30 and i get off at 5:00 i work Saturdays and it's closed Sunday.
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