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I see my first reply did not have an effect on your decision. As I wrote in another thread "you don't see many other brands (other than TM) getting 100,000+ rounds from the stock gun". If you want to play, get a TM. If you like tinkering with broken things then get the GG or JG. I know JG and GG fanboys will be upset with me, but I don't think those brands have proven themselves like TM.

I have a theory for developing your airsoft gun kit: Start with a TM so you have the best chance of staying on the field. Keep it stock and chances are good that it will last a long time(my MP5 is 6 or seven years old - has fired 40 or 50 thousand rounds).
Next, you can add fancy upgraded guns(for the wealthy) or cheaper chinese clones(for myself and other poorboys) as backups. Next, get sidearms-gbb.

Try to get Age Verified and buy a TM. Your odds of staying in the game will go way up.

Again, if you are a tinkerer/upgrader then maybe the GG or JG is for you.

Just trying to help your decision with past experience/research. I wont be dissappointed in you if you don't listen.:smile:

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