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Responsibility is something that is demonstrated overtime not something that a person can just claim, however lets refer to the dictionary for the true term

a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct
Now in Canada the legal age of maturity where a person can be legally held responsible for their own actions is the age of 18. I'm sure you understand where I am going with this.

Now Im not saying that you are irresponsible or immature, but this is the internet and everyone knows that a person can pretty much say whatever they want and there is no real way to prove what they are saying is true or not. I could say that I'm eating a bagel right now, however there is no real way to know that I am or not. Anyways enough babbling about bagels.

If you are truly interested in attempting to play then there are a few options out there that you could attempt to pursue.

1. You can have your parent or legal guardian join the hobby and attend games with you, where if they participate with you then you could possibly be allowed to play. However that decision is entirely up to the host of the game. Even though a paintball field may allow a minor to play with a parent signed release form, its ultimately up to the decision of the host of the game whether or not he wishes to have a minor participate.

2. You could attempt to contact a host of the game and do your best to convince them to give you a chance, however once again that decision is up to the host of the game.

3. Be patient you will be of age soon enough. Airsoft is not going anywhere anytime soon, regardless what silly things people sputter off from time to time.

This issue has been brought up many many times over the years and it has been the general consensus of this community to stick to the ideal of the legal age of majority for a long time now.If there had been anything that was worthy of merit to consider a change to the current ways, it would have been done. Unfortunately for the time being, there has been nothing note worthy to even consider warranty any type of change.

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