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Originally Posted by kyle122390 View Post
^^ i didnt build my gear box i just put a Modify ultra piston in it and a m160 motor and that was it. It comes like that stock.
Ive never enjoyed the idea of metal toothed pistons, usually they just seem to cause more issues than they prevent, although that is just my experience.

Although far fetched, its entirely possible that there could have been an alignment issue with the new piston and gears. Due to the fact that the parts are from different companies there could have been an issue with compatibility.
When you installed your new motor did you ensure that the motor height was adjusted correctly? If not, than that could have been the reason why your previously mechbox decided to cash out.

The cheapest solution at this time would be to figure out what internal parts are damaged and replace them. Then swap out your front end for an m16 length rail.

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