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I agree with the whole "standards" thing going here from the experienced players.

Safety rules and general participation guidelines need to be addressed more thoroughly in general. I haven't attended a lot of games recently or consistantly, but when comapiring my recent events to those of my first days structure has been a bit lost; in certain styles that is, I've still been to certain themed games that were awesome and had great co-ordination.

In general though, it's the clearsoft stuff and highcaps I think we should draw the line at. Why bother playing airsoft if we are using something that is less than a 1:1 replica and something that sounds like a hopper when running around with it? Some will say it's for the love of the game.... But what game? The act of shooting at each other in a force-on-force environment? If you want to do that, there is a far more readily accesible hobby called paintball to do so.

So really, to anyone who wants to play and wants to come out with a clear gun and/or highcap to spary around, why not just play paintball? At that point it's just the same thing basically except better in that it's harder for your targets to cheat.
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