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My G&P broke and frankly i would like something new. They don't really sell G&P m16 with RIS's out here.

Wich would be the best for me. I have to put in a:
Modify ultra piston ( for all guns no matter what)

G&P explosive piston head ( definalty would go in all the guns, Heard that the KWA one doesn't last long)

G&P m160 motor if the ROF inst good with an 8.4v since i dont want to break my gun again im not going with a 9.6v

I will also be buying an ACOG and a deep fire 6.02MM 509 length Tight bore barrel.

Basically i would like to get my money's worth. G&P has the best gears but the 7mm bearing exploded and broke my gear =(

I have G&G and Echo 1 mags since i heard that KWA doesn't accept all mags, if that is any help. Im really stuck here and unfortunately youtube doesn't have many videos of all 3 brands.
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