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hey buddy, Im 14 right so there is no way that i can get AV'd for another 4 years. Now your saying your 33. You say you want a airsoft gun for pretty cheap well then get age verified, there are probably a few age verifiers in montreal who could get you AV'd in a week. Now if you don't want to go down that road then get a pellet gun. If it's only for target practise then get a airrifle that would be way more acurate than a airsoft gun.
If you really want a auto gun then just get age verified, dont be lazy, i would drive for hours if i could get age verified right now but i cant, you can so do it.
Have tons of ghillies suits handmade by me, so if anyone needs any tips on how to make them please PM. -----trying to earn your respect (only 14).
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