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Originally Posted by bentech View Post
dont worry about legal issues or
laws!! around here, peoples do wheelies on motocross right in the street.
shooting plastic balls from a toy gun.... they dont have time to waste with that!!
Umm yeah... doing a wheelie is by far a drop in the bucket compared to "shooting plastic balls from a toy gun", my last post was wrong... what you are looking for is a PLASTIC *TOY* Water Gun.... you know the ones I'm talking about... the bright yellow and green ones, the ones where you wouldnt get SHOT while using in public places!

I doubt your 33 (if I remember correctly) years old like you claim to be... a gun is a gun is a gun... (I see a pattern forming here) treat each gun with respect! Treat every gun like it's loaded and real (powder).

I have to honestly say, I'm glad you don't live in my hood!

Be a little more descriptive on where you live... I'm sure law enforcement aren't members of this forum!

Seeing that you didnt want to do the leg work, I found a link that would suit you perfectly:
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