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Originally Posted by connor.eckert View Post
I understand that fps isnt everything but is the range of the G&G noticeably less than the Jing Gong or is it the same because of its tightbore barrel?
FPS has nothing to do with range, either. Tightbores also have little to do with range. They effect accuracy.

What makes a difference in range is BB weight, BB quality, and quality of the hop-up.

Most stock airsoft guns are very, very similar in performance. There's a few outstanding ones, like Real Sword guns etc. that are above the pack, but for the most part they'll be equal.

The JG might have more range simply because it shoots harder, allowing you to use a heavier BB. Having said that, I'd be willing to bet the G&G hop-up, and the overall build quality of the G&G, is better than the JG. Overall build quality also has to do with how well the gun performs.

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