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Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
I dont know if any one else thinks this is a good idea or not but here it is.

Alot of people on here tell the minors that they should go and view games, alot of the fields Ive been to for airsoft and P. Ball are really hard view the games from lobbies and such.

So the idea is this, if the map is like crossfire or some such like it then there will be locations for folks to be able to watch from and actually see the games. Of course you would have to put something over the windows for protection. But I remember when I was younger I would have killed to be able to watch a full out game like one that map would offer.

Like I said I dont know what every one else thinks but I really do think that it would help new players and minors alike.
Could be a great idea, but it would definitely take out of the field (if I understand what you mean).

I have found a location, and it looks large enough for the crossfire project. We would only have one field/mini-village to play in though (just enough for that) so we're still thinking about it. The city is helping us out with locations, and that one could definitely be it. I'll let you guys know more as it comes.
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