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Originally Posted by 13Fido13 View Post

One of the biggest problems with people is that they are afraid to be yelled at and made fun of. Which we all know was fairly common on ASC.
I think you have it backwards.

Not everyone is from the same background and will have thick skin and take jokes the same way.

Now here is my rant.

I am new to the community and I have met some very nice people.

However, there seems to be a culture of "asslike behavior" that a few ASC members have. And they probably think its cool. But its not. Try it off the forum, face to face with a stranger and see what happens. Try it in your place of work and see what happens.. Try it when ordering food at a resturant and see what happens..

It doesn't hurt to be a nice guy, and despite what you may think, its not cool to be a dick especially to someone you have never met.

Being an ass isnt cool, it just means you are an ass.

...end of rant.

Steve, I apologize for hijacking the thread. I already have PMs in my inbox with someone offering to be my mentor. You have started a good thing..

I agree with the mentor tag on the user profile. I also think the mentor should get a rating though... similar to trader rating. No sense being a mentor if you are going to be a dick to people and turn them away from the game.
The beatings will continue until morale improves
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