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Damn I guess I brought up confusion... Well TBH it's all pedantics, I just use that kind of convention for calling things BB/pellet/air guns or Airsoft. A note though, there are some "Pellet guns" that do fire copper BB's (not to mention the Red Ryder "BB" gun too).

How many times has anyone brought up the topic of airsoft and said "BB gun" and people instinctively picked up on the context (that you meant airsoft and not a pellet or metal BB gun)? Also Jborough, if you've ever been to the PNE you should know that BB gun game with the metal balls and the rigged rifles.

OP: Contact the fine people over at EAR (Edmonton Airsoft Regiment). I believe one of the AV reps is doing a mass AV night at Capital Airsoft's brick and mortar store sometime soon.
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