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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Just a note, Airsoft and BB guns aren't exactly the same thing.

Airsoft (TM, JG, G&G, G&P, KSC, etc.) shoots 6mm plastic BB's like what you're thinking of, whereas BB guns (Daisy, Hammerli, Air Force, Gamo, Remington etc.) usually shoot either .177 pellets or copper BB balls.

I'm not trying to be an asshole just trying to explain the difference so that it's perfectly clear what you mean if you were to ask this question in a different context (eg. you're in a store and the sales rep gets confused but theres a higher chance they purposely give you the wrong information so that they make a sale).

PS: Yes you can get non clear BB guns from gun shops, hunting/fishing/outdoor shops or Canadian tire. However those same shops only carry clear Airsoft. Pretty stupid right? I know.... It's been discussed over and over to death.

well, usually I call airsoft BB guns, and airguns pellet guns
ehh, I thought that was the unwritten standard

-edit; hence why we buyBB's for our airsoft guns and pellets for airguns - so on and so forth, etc. etc.
Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
People will run and attend games that suit their taste. People will make investment in airsoft in a similar manner.
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