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shaddy grady
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wow thanks kuro thats what i was really looking for opened my eyes and gave me alot of good info now ill start looking into some of the other companies and see whats out there the only thing with classic army is i havent found a canadian dealer and i know theres problems with getting them over the border as we ran into problems with our paintball guns at the border so im sure it will be much worse with these. heres some of the ones iv found that im thinkin about:

i couldnt find anything else that was really good looking other than stuff in the states ie tm and ca know of any dealers here in canada?

as for camo and packs etc im set been a scenario paintballer for around 5 years now i have enough gear and guns to supply 4 people with complete kits lol so basically i just need the gun and a some new pouches for my pack and im good to go.
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