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The gods still hate me!

So it seems that the universe is conspireing to keep me from playing at the Rawdon game. First the peq2 battery I bought from Ehobby is defective and I am currently in "negotiations" with them to get a new one. Then when I received my order from Dstactical it was missing items, emailed cory and he said he's sorry and sent them out. Checked the Fedex tracking # and the order will get here on the 17th. Then Canada Post has "misplaced" my package from Ebaybanned. It was released from customs to Cp on Aug 2 but they cant seem to locate it. Now one of the two extra batteries I bought from for my M4 is defective.

Teach me to order the thing I need well in advance so I can have them before game time.

Well thanks for listening to me bitch it made me feel better.
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