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Notes On Specific Items

Batteries/Charger - As simple as it gets. Big batteries last all day, but not every rifle can fit one in. Buy a good charger. A smart charger may seem expensive at first...but it is soooo worth it. Get one that does different types of batteries, that is adjustable for charging voltage and other'll never want for another ever again.

Kos-Mos' Great Battery Write Up

Goggles - The most cost efficient way to go at first is to buy a full face mask Paintball goggle. Buy one with thermal lenses to help reduce fogging. Buy one where the face mask part is flexible and as tight to your face (low profile)...that will help with aiming. Some fields don't require paintball goggles...but lots do. If the local fields around you allow T800's or other things...then you might have other options (that's why you did step 2 before buying anything).

BBs - 0.20g are fine for indoors. Outdoors go for 0.25g, 0.28g or 0.30g. The heavier BBs will work much better at long range so you can actually hit what you're aiming at. BBbastard is great and available all over Canada. Scarecrow, the guy that runs it, is a stand up solid guy. is a great place...Jugglez is a solid guy and 100% reliable to deal with. There's a lot of fuzzy stuff on the Internet and ASC...but the above is 100% locked in guaranteed good info.

Gear - to hold your mags and stuff, you'll need something with pouches/pockets. There's a billion different types of rigs out there...from drop legs to small/light rigs to full out replica armour. Again...go to step 1 and search. I'll link here when I find links...there's some great ones already written.

NOTE: Cheap stuff
- there are some really cheap options out there...but don't cheap out on Goggles, Batteries, Charger, loader.

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